Residential Conveyancing


At Albinson Napier & Co we offer a bespoke and highly professional service for all of our conveyancing client’s. Our conveyancing department has an excellent reputation and many years experience allowing us to carry out the most complex matters.

We understand that selling and buying property can be a stressful time and endeavor to do our part to make the process as simple and as smooth as possible.

We feel that communication is key and you will find that our team is easy to get hold of on the phone as well as by email. It’s a testament to our service that much of our business comes from clients who have used us before, or from their recommendations.

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I have a mortgage. Is there anything I am expected to do?

We assume that before you decided to put your house on the market you obtained a repayment figure from your Lenders. If not please obtain a figure beforehand so that it will not come as a surprise on completion.

Individual Lenders have different ways of calculating repayment and you may wish to contact your Lenders to enquire the best part of the month from a financial viewpoint to complete but please do bear in mind that the completion date must also be agreed with your Buyer.

You are required to pay off all mortgages secured on your house and if there are any Second or Third Mortgages you should take these into account when doing your calculations.

Should I agree a completion date with the buyer?

We advise against you agreeing any completion date with your Buyer or any other parties in the chain until we have confirmed to you that everyone is in a position to exchange Contracts. Agreeing a completion date before all parties are ready causes upset in having to re-arrange removals etc. Quite often Buyers say that they are ready and “agree” a date without first checking with their own solicitors that everything is in place, you should therefore treat any date as “anticipated” until Contracts are exchanged.

When will I have to move out of the property I am selling?

Whilst there are no hard and fast rules time wise, unless you have made specific arrangements with your Buyer please vacate as early as possible on the completion day and we suggest no later than 12 noon.

What should I do with the keys to my existing property?

If you have sold through an Estate Agent we suggest you leave the keys with them as early as possible on the completion day (or before).

We have married since we bought the property. Is there anything we should do?

If the property is in joint names and you were not married when you purchased and have since married can you please let us have a copy of your marriage certificate.

For more information about how we can assist you please contact our dedicated Receptionist Elizabeth on 01925 634681 or email Barbara – / Sarah –

I have used these solicitors for years and years. They seem to have really good in depth knowledge. I used them to buy my first house about 15 yrs ago and have gone back 3 times now. I also used then for my divorce and found Richard Napier to be really friendly, helpful and supportive.