Debt Management & Commercial Recoveries

debt-recovery-servicesIntroduction and background

Albinson Napier have now expanded an efficient and effective in-house debt collection service to meet the growing need of industry and commerce for improved credit control.The importance of cash flow control and effective recovery of outstanding accounts has increased greatly in recent years.The service is tailored to the specific needs of every size of business throughout the spectrum of commercial and industrial activity.

Who will be working in the department

The Albinson Napier Debt Recovery Department represents a dedicated; Solicitor led operation which combines long-established legal expertise with up-to-date debt recovery procedures and a commitment to client success, regardless of frequency of use or the scale of the debt.

What we can offer

Equally important, this personalised service is tempered with an appropriate level of tact to preserve customer relationships.

Clients are kept informed at every stage of the recovery procedure with the added assurance that their debt collection is being undertaken in-house by a long-established, professional firm of solicitors which is able to draw on respective legal and procedural expertise and to offer full indemnity insurance.

Services are tailored specifically to individual needs.  For example, support is available to compile and submit reminder letters and ‘letters before action’ which frequently result in the matter being successfully resolved.  The wording of such letters can, if required, be agreed with the client prior to submission.

Undefended claims are pursued speedily through court action through proven recovery methods.  If court action is required, a claim for additional interest is included and calculated from the day on which payment should have been made.  Also included in the claim are the court fee and other fixed costs.

Unlike other collection agencies Albinson Napier will deal with your debt even if it is contested by the Debtor.

Albinson Napier’s highly-competitive debt recovery fees are charged solely on the services provided by the department, as all debt recovery work is undertaken on a ‘no commission’ basis.

Claims include both interest and fixed court costs.  On many claims, costs are recovered in full.

Instructions can be accepted by fax, telephone or in person by the Solicitor in Charge.

Contact Details:

Paul Mccord, Solicitor – Tel: 01925 634681 – Mob: 07872836715