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Our fees for undertaking this work are £285.00 per hour plus VAT. This is inclusive of: –

Our fees are reviewed on 1st January each year and we will notify you in advance of any changes. Invoices are provided on a regular basis and will reflect the time costs and disbursements that have been incurred.

Dependent on the merits of your case, we will be able to accept your instructions on: –

  1. A Fixed Fee basis for the duration of the case or until we can collate sufficient evidence to determine whether the retainer can be amended to a Conditional Fee or Contingency Fee basis; or
  2. A Contingency Fee Basis, which means that we will enter into an agreement with you that if we are successful in recovering damages for you, our fees will be paid by way of an agreed percentage reduction of your damages.

The factors that can make a case more difficult could be: –

  1. That it is necessary to make or defend applications to amend a claim or provide additional information about an existing claim;
  2. Defending claims that re brought by people acting on their own behalf (IE without legal representation);
  3. Complex preliminary issues e.g a disabled claimant;
  4. The number of witnesses and/or documents;
  5. Allegations of discrimination.

If we need to attend a Tribunal hearing for you (or instruct a barrister to do so) there will be additional charges which will depend on the length of the hearing.

The key stages of any employment case are: –

  1. Taking instructions from you;
  2. Reviewing the papers and advising thereon;
  3. Entering into pre-claim conciliation;
  4. Exploring settlement and negotiation throughout the process;
  5. Preparing for a hearing;
  6. Taking statements;
  7. Attendance at a final hearing

The time that it takes from receiving your initial instructions to the final resolution of the matter largely depends on the stage at which your case is resolved. If a settlement is reached during pre-claim conciliation, this could take 2-3 months. If your claim proceeds to a final hearing, that could take in excess of 6 months. These are only estimates and we will be able to provide more accurate timescales as the matter progresses.

Should you have any questions, please contact AN LAW on 01925 634681

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